How Energy Efficiency Can Make Your Dealership More Profitable

How Energy Efficiency Can Make Your Dealership More Profitable

Energy efficiency is too often considered a fringe issue that only environmentalists concern themselves with, but energy-intensive businesses have much to gain by investing in their facilities to reduce their utility requirements. Due to the need for showroom lighting and comfortable air-conditioned spaces, car dealerships consume approximately 18% more kBTUs than the average office space, putting them at a particularly high benefit for energy efficiency improvements. In fact, energy costs account for the third-highest expenditure for the average automobile dealership, so any mechanical maintenance measures that can be taken are sure to make your car dealership more profitable.

Here are three mechanical upgrades we can provide to improve both your dealership’s energy efficiency and bottom line:

Improved Air Quality

Much like the pleasant new car smell most car buyers look forward to in their next vehicle, it’s also important for car dealerships to ensure that odors and harmful air quality is eliminated inside their facilities. Any good showroom should feature a clean and inviting environment from the moment a potential car buyer steps foot in your shop. Potent gasoline fumes, lingering exhaust vapors, and the smell of burnt rubber will cast a looming shadow over your most valued asset… the sales floor! If you are looking to purify and destroy airborne bio-contaminants, Walker Mechanical services and installs UV air disinfection units that eliminate harmful chemicals and pollutants directly in the ducts or as stand-alone units. They work in any building with a ventilation system and improve indoor air quality.

HVAC Improvements

Keeping your customers and staff comfortable is critical in running a profitable dealership, so HVAC units are often operated under high demand. Because of that, it’s important that your heating and air conditioning units operate at maximum efficiency, or you may find yourself spending more on heating and cooling than necessary. Many modern HVAC units possess smart motors and variable frequency drives that reduce your fans’ speed when it’s needed less, thereby reducing your HVAC consumption automatically. Programmable and smart thermostats can also change the desired temperature of your showroom during low-traffic hours, further reducing your heating and cooling costs. At Walker Mechanical, we can design and implement an HVAC system that will keep your showroom visitors comfortable while saving you money on your energy costs.

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Making your dealership more efficient isn’t a question of going green; it’s about optimizing your profit margins. Our team at Walker Mechanical have the mechanical expertise it takes to reduce your energy costs and improve your dealership’s profitability, so contact us today and we’ll show you how we can help!

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