At Walker Mechanical, our team is highly focused on consistently and continuously improving Safety Management each day. Without question, our people are our greatest asset, so protecting individuals working on and around our job sites is our first order of business. Safety is not simply a buzz word or an afterthought at Walker Mechanical. Maintaining safe job sites demands accountability, and in many instances, Walker employees and subcontractors are held to standards higher than those mandated by OSHA laws.


Creating safe work conditions also requires continuing education. Walker Mechanical employs a full-time Safety Director who has the breadth of knowledge and experience necessary to neutralize potentially dangerous situations. Our Safety Director develops job- and activity-specific safety plans, based on unique circumstances and situational factors, and he oversees mandatory in-house training seminars for new employees, for continuing education purposes. He also develops, updates and distributes Walker Mechanical’s safety policies, and performs on-site safety management audits to ensure the safest conditions possible.

Safety Program Points of Emphasis

  • EMR Safety Rating Consistently Below Industry Average (<1.0)
  • National- and State-Certified In-House Training and Instruction
  • Job- and Activity-Specific Safety Management Planning
  • Weekly Job Site Toolbox Talks and Monthly Safety Team Gatherings
  • OSHA 30-Certified Job Superintendents and Foremen
  • Adult CPR/AED/First-Aid Trained Staff on Nearly Every Project


Safety Director Qualifications

  • National Certified Trainer for Excavating and Trenching, Confined Space Entry and Hazardous Communication
  • Red-Cross Certified Instructor for Adult, Child and Infant CPR/AED/First-Aid/Bloodbourne Pathogens
  • National Certified Rigger/Signalperson and trained in Asbestos Operation and Maintenance, and MSD Grease Management
  • Holds OSHA 30 Card, UA-MCAA Foreman’s Training and KY State Plumbing Journeyman’s License



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